Review of Drayko Women’s Drift Riding Jeans

I’m in need of some kevlar riding jeans. My pair from last season is a little too big now. It’s very hard to find a decently-styled pair of riding jeans. I thought we had phased out all the mom jeans on the planet by now, but no! In my recent search I discovered the Drayko Women’s Drift Riding Jeans which looked modern enough and had most of the features I wanted–kevlar reinforcement, belt loops, boot cut (but not flare), and a little stretch for riding comfort. The cheapest I could find them was about $155 at Revzilla. All the reviewers there seem to love these jeans, so I thought this would be a good buy for me and ordered a pair.

Photo of Drayko Drift Jeans

Drayko Drift Women’s Riding Jeans


The sizing chart on the manufacturer’s website is not at all accurate. According to that chart, I should order a size 8. However, I ordered a size 10, which was still too small. Unfortunately, exchanging for a size 12 wouldn’t have helped the problems with the fit.

Size Chart on Drayko’s Website


These pants are what I like to refer to as “pube pants.” So called because the waistband of the jean sits so low that you can practically see your pubes. I wear a size 10 in regular jeans, and that’s what I ordered for these (even though according to the size chart a size 8 should fit). The size 10 did fit but they were too snug for comfort (for me). But the bigger problem was that the top of the jeans didn’t even cover my underwear while standing upright. When I bent into a riding position, they slid way down and exposed the top of my butt crack (or would have had I not been wearing underwear). So, these pants have an extremely LOW rise. Definitely nowhere near a mid rise as stated in the description. Because of how they’re designed, even with a size up these would still rest too low.


The material of jean feels much softer than the usual kevlar jean material which is a bit rough. There was a some flex/stretch all over which also helped with comfort. If you were okay with your butt hanging out on your bike, these jeans would probably feel really comfortable to wear.


Lastly, I think they are a bit out of style with too much whiskering. That’s just my opinion, of course, and I’m not dinging them for that in my rating.


2  out of 5

2 out of 5


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