Riding into Spring

It was a beeeeeauuuutiful day outside today. Finally! High 60s, sunny, not too much wind. Perfect day for a ride! 🙂 So, I rode out to the Bolingbrook area and bombed around on some smaller roads and got lost in some housing developments. Ha. I didn’t realize there was a quarry out there. It was such a cool sight, so I pulled over over to get a better look and take some pictures. Check it out:

The quarry. It was quite a dropoff just over that ledge.

The quarry. It was quite a drop off just over that ledge.

No trespassing...whoops!

No trespassing…whoops!

Riding Technique Moment

When I turned onto this road that goes by the quarry there was a lot of gravel on the road (as you might expect with trucks running in and out of there). I did my best to pick a clear path through the gravel before I turned, but I had a moment where my back tire lost a little traction and slid a bit to the left. Fortunately, it was a small slide and the tire gripped the pavement again quickly, so I was able to keep the shiny side up. That doesn’t mean my heart didn’t leap out of my chest though!

I’ve replayed that turn over and over in my mind, and I think the only think I could have done differently at that moment was go a bit slower. I did take the turn slower than I would on clear pavement, but maybe going even slower would have helped. I know standing on the pegs can help you navigate gravely areas, but I’m not sure it would have helped in a turn like this. I don’t really know. :\ Something to research and work on in future rides.

Time for a Stretch

I had to stop for a stretch and rehydrate, so I found a mostly empty parking lot and pulled off in the shade for a bit. The sweetest smell wafted over. I looked around and noticed a row of lilac bushes in bloom.

Scratch and sniff? These lilacs smelled amazing!

Scratch and sniff? These lilacs smelled amazing!

Right before I left the parking lot I practiced some figure eights. I don’t know what it is about turning left, but I still wobble a bit when I make a tight, slow turn in that direction. Right turns feel better and I execute them better. Strange!

I did almost 100 miles today. I think I was out for just over 2 hours. I would have loved to keep on riding, but my butt was too sore. lol The Nighthawk doesn’t have the comfiest saddle. Taking more breaks would probably help–but who wants to stop riding?! XD

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