Bedazzled Sidewalk Along the Fox River

The Fox River runs north-south through the western suburbs. At each town along the river, you can find some spots to look out on the beautiful river and foliage. On my way out west this weekend, I stopped for a quick break at the gorgeous River Front Park in Geneva.


River Front Park along the Fox River in Geneva

River Front Park sports a lot of stone and concrete buildup, and the stone walkway along the overlook has personalized stone pavers. People were able to design a stone in exchange for helping fund the construction. It’s a really neat idea, and makes the pathway more interesting.


Personalized pavers along the River Front Park walkway

In the photo above, I like the right-most paver in particular because it’s a nod to the Fabyan windmill which is just a short hop up the river.


More personalized pavers

According to the park’s website, construction cost around $750,000. It looks like money well spent, because it’s truly a stunning overlook. It’s really nice to be able to be so close to the river, get up close and personal with that fish poop smell. I kid, I kid. Well, mostly. It depends which way the wind is blowing. XD


River Front Park overlook area

If you are ever riding through the area, it’s a lovely place to take a break! Lots of pretty flowers and grasses to look at while you stretch your legs.


All shined up and ready to go!

Time to ride on!

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