New Saddle Bags

I finally got some saddle bags! 😀 I strapped them on tonight (no small task) and took a test ride with them. Nothing fell off! Ha ha! I was very excited to discover that my jacket will fit inside one of the bags–even with the armor in it! I will do a full review after I’ve used them for a while.

Photo of saddle bags on bike

Classic Accessories Saddle Bags ($60, Walmart or Amazon)

These are the Classic Accessories Saddle Bags (much cheaper at Walmart or Amazon). I also got the matching tail bag, but I haven’t attached it yet. I wanted to see how well I liked the saddle bags first. They are so roomy, I’m not sure I would ever need the tail bag (famous last words). If I would have had these bags when I was at Panera the other day, I would have had no problem taking my sandwich leftovers back with me. :p

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