Office Park Exploration

This past Sunday I headed out for a short ride…and ended up being gone for about 3 hours. Time passes so much more quickly when you’re riding! It was around 65 when I left so I forewent the tank and tail bag, and used my backpack. The backpack really inhibits air circulation (I call it the “backpack breeze blocker” phenomenon), so I use it only when it’s below 75º. I knew I was going to stop off for lunch at some point, and didn’t want to mess around with pulling everything off and taking it into the restaurant with me.

Photo of jimmy john's cup

Om nom nom

I decided to head south for Sunday’s ride instead of my usual westward routes. I didn’t have any particular place in mind, other than wanting to eat lunch at Jimmy John’s. For some reason, I was craving a #6 on wheat. emoticon-smile Also, they tend to keep the thermostat pretty cool in there, so I knew I wouldn’t overheat if I kept all my gear on. Behold, strategy!

I rode around for about an hour before I finally found a Jimmy John’s. There are three stores pretty close to where I live and I see them all over the place, but of course when I’m actively looking for one–nada. I finally passed one on Ogden Ave. though, so I circled back and popped in. It was as delicious (and cool!) as I was hoping.

After lunch, I jumped back on the bike and headed northwest. I took one of my favorite roads (Diehl), and decided to explore some smaller streets around Warrenville. I ended up in an expansive office park. It was mostly deserted, so I had some fun practicing U-turns and quick stops, and just exploring all the little drives. I have to stay, the office parks around here often have nicer nature-scaping than the actual nature preserves. I rode around the all-glass Nicor building that I have driven by countless times on the interstate, and it’s even more impressive up-close. Even better, it’s next to a large retention pond surrounded by willow trees and a walking path. I will have to return with my pedal bike sometime and ride around the grounds.

Motorcycle in front of willow tree and pond

Can someone point me to my bike? Oh, thanks.

After my office park exploration, I decided it was time to head home as I was getting tired. I find that I make little mistakes when I get tired, so I like to get myself home safe and sound before that happens. It’s exhausting being so alert!

Sensitive Food for a Sensitive Guy

Sensitive Food for a Sensitive Guy

I had to make one more stop on my way home–Petco. The Grumpy Old Man (my cat) had run out of food, so I picked up a small bag for him. Unfortunately, they were out of his favorite, so I had to find a substitute. I saw a kind made for “sensitive systems” and there is no one more sensitive than the Grumpy Old Man, so I took a chance. (As a surprise bonus, it was on clearance for $4.00!)

I loaded it into my backpack and set off. Wow, it’s amazing how much heavier 7-lbs. feels when you’re carrying it on your back! By this time the mercury had crept up above 70º, so the “backpack breeze block” was in full effect. Luckily, I didn’t have to suffer for too long since home was not too far away. I got home just in time for dinner! It’s uncanny how accurately my stomach keeps time.

As an addendum, I would like to report that the Grumpy Old Man was satisfied with the sensitive systems substitute. emoticon-thumbsup


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