Office Park Explorations – Part 2

I set off on Sunday with no particular destination in mind. I find aimlessly wandering usually makes for the most interesting rides. 🙂 As I was riding west out toward St. Charles, I decided to explore some industrial areas that I had passed by on previous trips. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t resist the draw of finding out what’s at the end of “Enterprise Lane” or “Technology Drive.”

On my my first wayside jaunt, I cruised by a large, multi-building compound. It smelled like pancakes. I rounded the corner and quickly figured out why. It was General Mills!

Photo of motorcycle in front of General Mills plant

I wasn’t able to get any closer because the drives leading to the factory were gated and guarded. I guess they take those trade secrets pretty seriously!

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, office parks have some of the prettiest landscaping, smoothest pavement, and neatest pathways for riding. I can’t recall the name of this business at the moment, but it had a beautiful, tree-lined pond out front with two water fountains.

Photo of motorcycle by water fountain in pond

Sometimes, they even have hidden gems tucked away like this pastel-colored cow statue in front of a Fox Valley Farms office.


And just because, here’s another one from a different angle:


What can I say? It was very mooooooving. emoticon_happy

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