First Impressions of the Nikon Coolpix L27 Camera and Accessories Bundle

My new camera is here! 😀 The tracking information said that it wasn’t going to arrive until next Wednesday, but it came today. Yay! I’m looking forward to snapping some photos with it on my next ride. In the meantime, here are my first impressions of the camera and accessories bundle.


The bundle includes the camera, memory card, mini tripod, and case.

I got the Nikon Coolpix L27 bundle from Walmart for $70. which includes the camera, memory card, case, and mini tripod. I had a gift card, so I paid a bit less than that out of pocket. Plus I’ll get 5% cash back from Discover card, so, all said and done, it cost me about $63. It seemed like a pretty good deal, and, of course, it has a 1-year warranty so if any defects arise like with the Olympus, I’ll be covered.

The case is adequate. I wasn’t expecting much since it was so cheap. I have a feeling the zipper might bust in a few months, but we’ll see. It has a good amount of cushion though, so it should protect it well enough when it’s bouncing around in my saddle bags.


The mini tripod is indeed mini. Sorry about the cat. He’s nosey.

The mini tripod…wow, they weren’t kidding about the “mini” part. Haha. Again, I wasn’t expecting much. I thought it would be a little larger than it is, but it’s all right. I can actually squeeze it into the case with the camera, so that’s a bonus. It screws into the bottom of the camera–no special attachments needed (like with my Canon Rebel). It should help some with image stabilization. Also, maybe I can prop it up somewhere and take a photo of me and the bike instead of just the bike. 😉


Test photo. No flash, easy auto mode. Cleaned up in Photoshop.

The memory card is an 8GB Class-4 no-name SD card (V7 is the brand, which I’ve never heard of). Once I determine whether I like the camera enough to keep it, I will get a card with larger capacity, faster speed, and a reliable brand. I have a Class-10 Transcend card in the Canon, which has always worked really well. I noticed the Nikon is a bit slow at saving photos, so a higher-class card should help speed that up a bit.


Test photo. No flash, easy auto mode. Cleaned up in Photoshop. I realized after taking this the camera had a macro mode.

I took a few test photos just to make sure everything worked. Afterward, I read the manual (naturally…why read instructions first?), and saw that the camera has a macro mode. So, that’s probably what I should have used for these closeup shots of the Bowser race kart since they aren’t super clear on the “easy auto” mode. I will have to experiment a little bit with the settings.


Test photo. With flash, easy auto mode. Cleaned up in Photoshop. I realized after taking this the camera had a macro mode.

Welp, that’s all for now! If I can get myself motivated, I’ll take a ride tonight and give it a test run.

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