Two Rides, One Day

The weather was soooo nice today that I couldn’t resist getting out for a ride. Two rides, in fact. I rode to work today, and just got an itch to go for a ride on my lunch break. So, I rode southwest for about 30 minutes, then turned around and rode back. 😀 After work, the weather was still perfect, so I headed out for a brief evening ride around Naperville.

I didn’t have any place in particular in mind, so I just turned down whatever streets tickled my fancy. One of the streets I passed was called Old Ham Road. How can you not turn down Old Ham Road? You simply can’t not.


Speaking of hams…

I stopped by Seager Park for a water break. The last time I was here (several years ago), the park was kind of creepy with overgrown trails and a rundown outhouse. They park district has really fixed it up nicely since then. They’ve erected a few buildings, widened and paved the trails, cut back the brush, installed lighting, and added a large brick roundabout, so it’s not creepy anymore!


Looking down from the giant rock at Seagar Park

Also, there is a really large rock hanging out near the parking lot. Not sure what the significance is. Probably, it was just too big to move. Ha ha.


Exhibit A: The very large rock

After my refreshment, I rode over to a nearby cemetery. It’s quite large, and has a newly construction mausoleum complex. Even the gazebo structure in the center has spaces for remains in the pillars. Pretty neat.


The most modern-looking mausoleum I’ve ever seen.

Although I wanted to, I didn’t cross caution tape because I wasn’t sure if maybe the cement was wet or something. I’m sure no one would appreciate a rogue footprint on their final resting place.


A closer look

I don’t think I would want to be interred in a mausoleum. It just seems like a waste of space to me. In fact, so do graves. Maybe more so because they take up so much open land. When I die, I would really prefer a funeral pyre. It just seems like the most natural way to go–let your body burn up and your ashes float away the breeze.

Actually, I suppose becoming part of a compost might be more natural. Just toss me right in with the watermelon rinds. Hey–I’ll be dead, so it’s not like I’ll know the difference. 😉

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