Adding Reflective Stripes to Wheels on FZ-07

I love how the blue rims look on the gray model of the FZ-07. Unfortunately, the wheels on the white model are plain black. (Why couldn’t they put those on the while model, too?!) While browsing eBay for reflective stickers for my helmet, I came across these reflective wheel stripe decals. They are basically fancy stickers, but they look very nice and are super reflective.

Installation was very simple. It took me about an hour because I had to clean my wheels first–and wow, were they grimy! I used Pledge to clean the edge of the wheels, then, per instructions, wiped rubbing alcohol along them to remove any particles left by the Pledge.


Stickers applied on front wheel. They pop a bit even in daylight.

Next, I taped each stripe on the wheel to be sure I had them evenly spaced. Then, I peeled back the cardboard backing, and smoothed the decal around the rim. I rubbed over it a few times to make sure it stuck, then peeled away the transparent backing layer, leaving the decal in place on the rim. Repeat 15 times (4 stripes per side per wheel) and… voila!

Here is the right side without direct light:


No direct light — still stands out a bit!

Here are the stripes when light hits them:


Wheel stripes reflecting in light

As you can see, they are pretty bright when direct light hits them! (I didn’t realize my tail bag was so reflective until seeing this picture.) Hopefully, this makes me a little more visible to drivers at night!

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