Out With the Old, In With the Certified Pre-Owned

The day has finally arrived! I no longer ride a 250. I no longer need to use a choke. I no longer need to count the miles I’ve ridden to know how much gas is left in my tank. I no longer need to blip the throttle in order to shift into neutral. I no longer need to hope that I’ll be able to stop in time when traveling over 50 mph. I no longer ride a Honda Nighthawk.


Look at this instrument panel! I mean look at it. LOOK AT IT. It’s like looking at the future.

Now I ride a 700. The bike is ready to ride as soon as I start it. I have a fuel gauge that tells me when fuel is low (I find that I still count the miles out of habit). I can just nick it into neutral at a stoplight without any fancy maneuvers. I now need to worry about grabbing too much brake while stopping. I now ride a Yamaha FZ-07.

Here she is, the day I brought her home (in the rain!). Her good side:


FZ-07 – left side

And her other good side:


FZ-07 – right side

Isn’t she purrrrrrrdy? I call her Fizz.

It was such a long day, and I was so nervous on the ride home because A) Riding new bike, B) Rain, C) RIDING NEW BIKE IN THE RAIN!!! It was probably the slowest ride home I have ever done. lol I was super cautious. After I pulled into the garage, I gave her one last look, and then went straight to bed. I was exhausted. lol


Okay, so maybe I didn’t make it all the way to the bed.


The next day it was still rainy and crappy, but I’ll be damned if that was going to stop me from riding my new bike!! I made a short trip over to one of my favorite restaurants and had a bite to eat while I stared adoringly out the window at Fizz.


I also got a Porsche! Just kidding. I don’t know who’s Porsche that is. But I do know that that beautiful monster next to it is my Fizz.

This post is a bit behind the times, as I got her at the beginning of July. But I’m still just as excited to see her every time I open the garage door as I was on that first day. ^_^

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