Eating Crow

A few days ago, I stopped at a four-way stop with cars at each sign. When it was my turn to go I let off the clutch and cautiously (as always) rolled into the intersection. I saw the car to my right start rolling out, so I immediately braked, then the driver of the car braked. We had a quick, wordless, “So, who’s going to go?” exchange, and he waved me on.

I did “The Stare” as I went by. You know what I’m talking about.


Now, I’m not usually one to get angry or call someone out for cutting me off, turning in front of me, merging into my lane, etc. However, I had been out riding most of the day, so I had experienced many incidents just like this one where I was not given my right of way. Riding in traffic can really wear you down. All of that annoyance culminated in my bit of a bad attitude toward this driver.

About two blocks down the street, I realized my right turn signal was on.


So, of course, that car started rolling into the intersection. He thought I was going to turn right at that stop since that’s what I was indicating. Ugh. I slowed down to let him to catch up with me. I wanted to apologize and thank him for not running me over. Unfortunately, he turned off before the next stop, so I didn’t get the chance.

I’m sure that driver thought, “Wow, what an idiot!” And rightly so!

eating crow

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Let that serve as a reminder to just let that stuff roll off you–even when it’s the umpteenth time something like that has happened that day. Always ride with a clear head!


  1. Yeah, you (the general you, not you personally) really have to take the same mentality as someone who works in customer service when you’re out driving/riding. Even if 10 drivers do the same dumb thing they’re still all individuals and it could have been the first mistake they made that day. At least when you’re on your motorcycle a lot of times it’s for a pleasure ride and not because you have to be somewhere on time, so that helps keep your attitude a little more laid back.

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