Motovlog #1: Awkward Rambling about Sena Prism

I recently acquired a helmet camera, so I decided to record some of my rides and share them with the interwebz! Please forgive my sub-par video editing skills. I used Windows Movie Maker because A) it’s free, and B) it’s all I know how to use right now. So, just keep your expectations low and we’ll both be happy. Haha xD

Motovlog #1

Motovlog #1: Awkward rambling about Sena Prism on my Yamaha FZ-07

Hello, world! This is my first motovlog. Featuring awkward rambling about settings for the Sena Prism camera and a couple interesting traffic moments including my favorite game: “How many cars will run that red light?”

Note: I have transcribed my mumbling, so if you have difficulty hearing my voice, please turn on Subtitles/Captions (click the CC icon by the gear icon in bottom right of video player).

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If you have any tips, advice, recommendations, etc., please feel free to let me know in the comments either here or on YouTube. I’m all ears!

Thanks for watching! ^_^

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