Review of Rev’It! Summit H2O Gloves

I’ve ridden with the Rev’It Summit H2O gloves for sevearl months in a variety of temperatures, from humid mid-80s to cool low-40s, as well as some light rain.

When I first put the gloves on, they felt really comfortable and lightweight. I’m really sensitive to the feeling of seams against my skin, and the thin liner inside the gloves is very soft and keeps me from feeling any seams. The wrist strap feels secure and the gauntlet cuff fits easily over my jacket sleeves.


Rev’It Summit H2O Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

The Mostly Good

There isn’t any venting to speak of, so my hands were definitely HOT when I was wearing them in the high temps. However, they weren’t sweaty! The liner really does wick away moisture from your skin.


Rev’It Summit H2O gloves

The palm slider does not get in the way of throttle grip at all. I don’t even notice it. The pre-curve on the fingers is more substantial than on my previous gloves, and it feels great. There isn’t much padding in the palm area, so do I notice soreness there more quickly (after about an hour of riding) than with my other gloves that have some padding across the palm.


Palm and pinkie sliders on the Rev’It Summit H2O gloves

When riding in the rain, the visor wiper came in very handy! My hands also stayed dry. I can’t say how these would hold up in a downpour, but for a brief shower or a moderate rain, they will keep your hands dry.

The Bad

I have two negatives about the gloves:

First, the visor wiper is position toward the top of the finger, so it digs into my skin when I bend my finger (when using the clutch, holding the grip). This could be remedied by Rev’It moving the rubber strip mere millimeters to the right so it rests on the side of the finger. It has become a little more flexible over time, but it’s still irritating.


Visor wiper on finger of Rev’It Summit H2O gloves

Second, the thumbs are really short. So much so that I’m a little worried about the seams ripping. All the other fingers are fine. They seem to have stretched slightly, but there is always pressure on my thumbs. With these short-thumbed gloves, there is absolutely no way for me to reach the horn button with my thumb on my FZ-07 while simultaneously pulling in clutch.

Final verdict

After two months, the Rev’It Summit H2O gloves have become a bit more flexible. However, the thumb has not stretched at all, so I still can’t reach the horn button on the FZ. Although the gloves are well made and over good protective features, the short thumbs make this glove uncomfortable to wear and restrict access to important controls. If your thumbs are unusually short, this glove might work for. However, if you have thumbs of normal length, I would not recommend these as comfort and full access to controls are the most important safety features of any motorcycle glove.


2 out of 5

2 out of 5



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