Installing R&G Radiator Guard and Metal Side Covers on Yamaha FZ-07

I finally found a radiator guard that would play nice with the official Yamaha accessory aluminum radiator side covers. Hooray! I installed them yesterday and it didn’t go super smooth, but I was able to get everything fitted on fairly securely in the end. Here’s how she looks now:

Close up of the radiator guard and side covers

R&G Radiator Guard and Yamaha Side Covers installed

Now I wish that the chain guard was black to match. I may have to end up painting it–although I really don’t want to take it off and put it back on again. Ha.

Side profile of the bike

The metal side covers are less bulky than the original plastic covers

The black piece around my frame near the side cover is a GoPro handlebar mount. The slimmer profile of the new side covers will allow me to film from the side without the side covers taking up so much space in the image. Here is a shot from the front to show how much slimmer the metal covers:

The metal covers are about a half-inch to an inch thinner than the plastic side covers

I had some trouble getting the bolts to go in at the correct angle on the left side of the bike. They are not screwed in all the way, but I pulled against the side cover and it is stuck there pretty firmly, so I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I will keep an eye on it the next few rides though and make sure it hasn’t shaken loose. Part of the reason was the bolts having a flanged head. There just isn’t enough room for the bolts to go in backwards (you need to flip them around and bolt them in from the inside of the bike with the metal covers, as opposed to the outside of the bike with the stock plastic covers).

The black R&G radiator guard looks a lot better than the silver guard that came on my bike (remember, I bought my bike used). It also is a lot lighter! Probably at least a half-pound lighter than the previous guard. The previous one covered the entire radiator, but I think it’s okay for the top and bottom parts not to be covered. The important thing is to protect the radiator fins, which this guard covers completely.

All in all, I’m very happy to have the both the guard and the covers installed now!

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