About Me

Hello! My name is Rachel. I created this blog to document my motorcycling adventures. By “adventures” I mean riding a motorcycle for the first time in my life, so you may need to scale back your expectations.


O hai guise!

I took the MSF basic rider course in late summer 2013, and then got my license. For my first bike, I got a Nighthawk 250.

Photo of me on my bike

Me on my new (to me) bike!

I rode about 1,000 miles late July through early November that year (check the sidebar for my current mileage). Along the way, I learned a lot of new things and gained confidence in my riding ability. I’m continuing to learn and to improve improve as I rack up the miles on my NH 250, and work my way up to a bigger bike someday. 🙂

Update: Two years later and I finally felt ready for a bigger bike! In the summer of 2015, I traded in the trusty Nighthawk (250cc) for a Yamaha FZ-07 (689cc).

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences!

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