Motorcycle Monday

Today is Motorcycle Monday for me! I like to ride my bike to work on Mondays as something to look forward to getting out of bed for. It was 50º and sunny this morning, and has been forecast to hit 70º this afternoon. So, no excuse not to ride! I even made it to work on […]

New Saddle Bags

I finally got some saddle bags! 😀 I strapped them on tonight (no small task) and took a test ride with them. Nothing fell off! Ha ha! I was very excited to discover that my jacket will fit inside one of the bags–even with the armor in it! I will do a full review after […]

Ear Plugs and Helmet Frustrations

After my first couple of jaunts out on the bike last summer, I realized that I needed ear plugs. Even though a full face helmet does dampen a lot of road noise, riding through city traffic or at higher speeds is still really loud. I value my hearing, and would like to keep it as […]

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