Ride Reports

First Ride of 2016

We had a brief break in the arctic temperatures this past weekend, and I was able to take advantage of that Sunday and go for my first ride of 2016. It was short–only about 40 miles–but it was sooooooo nice to be out riding again. First step was to dig out all my gear that I’d […]

Eating Crow

A few days ago, I stopped at a four-way stop with cars at each sign. When it was my turn to go I let off the clutch and cautiously (as always) rolled into the intersection. I saw the car to my right start rolling out, so I immediately braked, then the driver of the car […]

Spring Rides Recap – Part 1

I’ve been such a slacker about updating my blog this year! I’ve been riding quite a bit this spring and now summer. I’ve still been taking lots of photos, but haven’t been so diligent about the ride reports. At this point, some of those spring rides are so far removed, I can’t remember much about […]

The Dainese Store

I recently discovered that there is a Dainese store in my area! Cycle Gear carries a few Dainese items, so I have tried on a couple jackets there. I do love the Dainese styling and features on many of their products, but holy heart attack, Batman, have you seen their prices? On my trip up […]

My First Crash

I was out riding Memorial Day evening, and experienced a slide out on gravel. I was coming around a turn onto a road I didn’t know, and it very quickly ended in a gravel parking lot. I needed to slow quickly to make a right turn onto a side street. I was so focused on […]

Motorcycle Monday

Today is Motorcycle Monday for me! I like to ride my bike to work on Mondays as something to look forward to getting out of bed for. It was 50º and sunny this morning, and has been forecast to hit 70º this afternoon. So, no excuse not to ride! I even made it to work on […]

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