Review of Joe Rocket Pro Street Gloves

Fall has arrived, which means beautiful scenery and cold hands! I don’t have any wind protection on my bike, so my hands get the full force of the chilly, autumn winds. Riding with frozen fingers is difficult and dangerous, so I’ve been looking at possible solutions including heated gloves, heated grips, hand guards, and glove liners. […]

Eating Crow

A few days ago, I stopped at a four-way stop with cars at each sign. When it was my turn to go I let off the clutch and cautiously (as always) rolled into the intersection. I saw the car to my right start rolling out, so I immediately braked, then the driver of the car […]

Installing OES Sliders Kit on FZ-07

My frame, fork, and axle sliders kit from OES arrived this past weekend, so Monday evening I decided to get everything installed. I’ve never installed frame sliders or anything like this before, so this was entirely uncharted mechanical territory for me. I did some research into the various frame slider options available for the FZ-07. […]

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