Spring Rides Recap – Part 1

I’ve been such a slacker about updating my blog this year! I’ve been riding quite a bit this spring and now summer. I’ve still been taking lots of photos, but haven’t been so diligent about the ride reports. At this point, some of those spring rides are so far removed, I can’t remember much about […]

The Dainese Store

I recently discovered that there is a Dainese store in my area! Cycle Gear carries a few Dainese items, so I have tried on a couple jackets there. I do love the Dainese styling and features on many of their products, but holy heart attack, Batman, have you seen their prices? On my trip up […]

My First Crash

I was out riding Memorial Day evening, and experienced a slide out on gravel. I was coming around a turn onto a road I didn’t know, and it very quickly ended in a gravel parking lot. I needed to slow quickly to make a right turn onto a side street. I was so focused on […]

Review of Street Motorcycle Gloves from Walmart

When I was looking for products to bump me up to Walmart.com’s free shipping threshhold, I came across the Chase Ergonomics Decade Street Motorcycle Gloves. At around $25, they are very reasonably priced and on paper offered a fair amount of protection and comfort. I’ve been pleased with the saddlebags and tank bag I purchased […]

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