The Black Bird

Photo of bird carving

Another stop on my ride last weekend was at Marmion Academy. It’s an all-boys Catholic school situated on a lush expanse of property in Aurora. It’s a very pretty campus with several idyllic places for reflection tucked away in the trees surrounding it. According to their website, Marmion Academy was founded in 1933 by a […]

Roundabout Racetrack

I have passed a little side road countless times thinking I should check that out on my way back, but then I either end up taking a different route home or I’m too tired or too hungry to stop. Today, however, I made it my primary goal to check out that side road. Wow! I […]

New Saddle Bags

I finally got some saddle bags! 😀 I strapped them on tonight (no small task) and took a test ride with them. Nothing fell off! Ha ha! I was very excited to discover that my jacket will fit inside one of the bags–even with the armor in it! I will do a full review after […]

Review of Paul Jr. Motorcycle Tank Bag

Last year I purchased a Paul Jr. Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag for $35 at Walmart. I didn’t even know they carried motorcycle gear! I was just wandering around the automotive aisle looking for some oil when I came across a shelf of these bags. Security I have to admit I was skeptical about these magnetic […]

Doggie Bag Dilemma

I rode to work today. I like to ride on Mondays because it gives me something to look forward to when my alarm goes off that morning after the weekend. Normally, I keep a tank bag on my bike for essentials and a small amount of storage for the unplanned. Since my bike sits in […]

Ear Plugs and Helmet Frustrations

After my first couple of jaunts out on the bike last summer, I realized that I needed ear plugs. Even though a full face helmet does dampen a lot of road noise, riding through city traffic or at higher speeds is still really loud. I value my hearing, and would like to keep it as […]

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