Review of Rev’It! Summit H2O Gloves

I’ve ridden with the Rev’It Summit H2O gloves for sevearl months in a variety of temperatures, from humid mid-80s to cool low-40s, as well as some light rain. When I first put the gloves on, they felt really comfortable and lightweight. I’m really sensitive to the feeling of seams against my skin, and the thin […]

Review of Street Motorcycle Gloves from Walmart

When I was looking for products to bump me up to’s free shipping threshhold, I came across the Chase Ergonomics Decade Street Motorcycle Gloves. At around $25, they are very reasonably priced and on paper offered a fair amount of protection and comfort. I’ve been pleased with the saddlebags and tank bag I purchased […]

Review of Paul Jr. Motorcycle Tank Bag

Last year I purchased a Paul Jr. Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag for $35 at Walmart. I didn’t even know they carried motorcycle gear! I was just wandering around the automotive aisle looking for some oil when I came across a shelf of these bags. Security I have to admit I was skeptical about these magnetic […]